Global Affairs

  • Global Affairs | March 19, 2020

    Good Night, John Boy…

    As some of my readers might remember, there was a 1970’s TV show called The Walton’s.

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  • Global Affairs | March 11, 2020

    Billionaires Respond to “Who Wants to be a Billionaire ? I Don’t.”

    Defensive, uncomfortable, agreeable (with conditions), but mostly supportive. That’s how I would describe the responses from my wealthy friends regarding an article I posted a few weeks ago.

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  • Global Affairs | February 10, 2020

    Who Wants To Be A Billionaire? I Don't

    Who wants to be a billionaire? I don’t. Now, had you asked me that question 20 years ago, I might have answered differently. A lot has changed in my life the past two decades. Likewise, a lot has changed in the world.

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  • Global Affairs | November 26, 2019

    It's Not Just Me, It's Getting Crazier Out There

    “Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people Who will not be slaves again!”   -Les Miserables 

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  • Global Affairs | October 31, 2019

    International Crisis Group: Playing a Leading Role in a World Lacking Leadership

    I just returned from a Board of Trustees meeting of the International Crisis Group (ICG) and it was a sobering experience, to say the least.

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  • Global Affairs | August 26, 2019

    As the World Burns

    It’s time we all start actively engaging in our future, as complacency comes at a cost none of us can afford.

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  • Global Affairs | June 03, 2019

    The US / China Trade War and the Dangers of Escalation

    “History shows that when countries are busy trading with each other, there is little appetite for conflict..." Frank Giustra

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  • Global Affairs | May 01, 2019

    How Yemen has benefitted from the work of International Crisis Group

    It’s my view that securing peace is the prerequisite for addressing any other social need.

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  • Global Affairs | January 31, 2019

    A Simple Plan: Spreading the Gospel of Private Refugee Sponsorship

    All it took was a three-minute conversation on the phone.

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