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  • Finance and Business | July 20, 2020

    The Fed’s Inescapable Trap

    Trust is a fickle thing. It’s there until it isn’t. This is especially true with paper currencies. Their value is based on trust that the sovereign issuer will act faithfully and responsibly.

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  • Finance and Business | May 20, 2020

    I Yell, But Only My iPad is Listening

    When I was a boy, I would watch as my father yelled at the nightly news broadcasts on TV and shake my head. “They can’t hear you!” I would think to myself, but dare not say out loud. Fast forward 50-or-so years later and this morning I caught myself yelling at my iPad while reading two articles.

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  • Finance and Business | May 01, 2020

    The US Dollar: The Final Act

    The unthinkable is becoming ever more likely. The end of US dollar dominance...

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  • Finance and Business | July 09, 2019

    Gold: The Unfortunate Final Refuge

    I have always been amazed by our collective ability to forget history. This applies to everything from politics, to war, to economics...

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  • Finance and Business | January 09, 2019

    Dancing on the Precipice: 'Bankruptcy Happens Gradually, then Suddenly'

    We are heading toward another financial crisis and, this time, it will likely be much worse than 2008.

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  • Finance and Business | December 07, 2018

    What Does China’s Rise Mean for the World?

    The passing of the baton from one global power to the next rarely happens without a major conflict.

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  • Finance and Business | December 05, 2018

    VIDEO: How passion has formed my life

    Everything in my life, including the success of my olive oil, Domenica Fiore, is about passion. 

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