Keeping Up with Frank

Join me. Join the movement.

March 19, 2021

I’m delighted to share with you that, in anticipation of the coming growing season, and in the hopeful expectation that soon we will all be able to live a less locked down life, we are launching a new phase of the Million Gardens Movement. Modern Farmer is partnering with food entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Big Green, Kimbal Musk. Big Green is an amazing charity that improves the health of students and communities by creating experiential learning and garden-based education opportunities in low-income schools. And, we are being joined by some well-known gardeners such as Harrison Ford and Salma Hayek.


Together, we have set ourselves an incredible goal—to help plant a million new gardens. We aspire to give everyone the opportunity to grow their own food—whether it’s on a windowsill or in a backyard—to help create a healthier and more sustainable world. Please visit our new website,, which we hope will serve as a source of inspiration and information for anyone interested in gardening, from beginners to experienced green thumbs. I would also encourage you to consider a small donation, which will allow us to give the gift of gardening to a family in need. Thank you!


Join me. Join the movement. Give a garden or grow a garden. Together we are going to do some great things.